Kenpo karate, like many martial arts, has had many divergences and variations occur to the art, as a natural progression in its teachings by different instructors, over the years. Kenpo Karate embraces the concept that the Art should adapt itself to the student so it works for the individual… not the other way around. Many martial arts are less flexible in this way and instead mandate the student bend and adjust to the Art’s traditional structure. To this point, Senior Grandmaster Edmund K. Parker was quoted as saying; “When I am gone, I hope that people won't try to traditionalize my Art. I want you to always remember that Kenpo will always be the Art of Perpetual Change. If you remember this, then the Art will never become obsolete because it will change with the times." To this end, the principal staff of Kindred Martial Arts encourages all of its students and instructors, to truly embrace this philosophy so that our Kenpo practitioners may always find a path to meet the goal of a technique… even if it is unconventional or a variance of the current curriculum. Encourage ingenuity, tenacity and determination to reach a goal. With any given technique, the goal is the important focus and not the minutia of the movements used to get there, *provided the tactics being used are sound. By embracing this philosophy, we ensure that through our martial arts training, the journey matters and not simply the destination of achieving a black belt rank. We believe that a black belt is a white belt who never gave up, and black belt is merely the beginning of a rewarding, life-long journey.

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